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We are real beauty experts.
A unique French view of the Asian beauty market by Paris-based consultants specialized in Asian beauty trends and forecasting.

A unique french view
of the Asian beauty market...

Paris-based consultants specialized in Asian beauty trends and forecasting.

Asia Cosme Lab, formerly Information & Inspiration, is a unique French agency, offering trends analysis services and innovation consulting based on business intelligence about the Asian cosmetics markets. We provide sources of inspiration and the latest product information collected and analyzed by our multinational team.


Work Methodology


specialist knowledge of consumers

real product knowledge from the consumer’s
point of view


expertise on markets, products, brands

of local experts


nonstop monitoring of innovation

an eye on all new concepts & approaches

A multicultural team in Paris…

Founded in 2003 in Paris under the name Information et Inspiration, Asia Cosme Lab agency is a multicultural team of consultants specialized in Asian beauty trends and forecasting.
Japan, Korea and China are a huge innovations laboratory.
Between product offers, routines, retail experience, new types of presentations and new formats, these countries are full of unique, effective initiatives and successes.
India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand are emerging markets with growing connected populations and an extensive interest in cosmetics, as well as a set of local characteristics that need to be deciphered to penetrate the market.
We help you to understand this laboratory, to pick out and synthesize paths of influence, build a strategy of development for performing in Asia and interpret what could impact other markets as well as the beauty industry of the future.

Florence bernardin,

the mind behind the agency

Company manager Florence Bernardin is totally trilingual and an adept of kawaii philosophy. Having trained in the Japanese school of thought for 15 years at Kao Corporation, she is fascinated by Japan. Her insatiable curiosity enables her to source and assess products like no one else. Her on-site purchases, eye on the market, knowledge of the latest hip places and grasp of the local culture give her a truly original, operational take on the cosmetics world.

Recognized by the profession as an Asian beauty industry expert, she has also worked with many magazines (Beyond Beauty Mag, Vogue, among others) and gives talks at trade shows and professional summits (Cosmeeting, Luxe Pack, Beauté-packaging, etc). Her customers are among the largest international groups in the cosmetics sector.


Fei Xu

Market Intelligence Director


Nozomi Shiba

Senior Project Manager


Bing Gao

Senior Project Manager


Yae Ogawa

Senior Project Manager


Anne Park

Project Manager


Héloise Lefebvre du Prey

Senior Project Manager


Eva Gu

Project Manager


Iris Eun

Senior Project Manager


Saleha Karassane

Project Manager


A network of local partners

Through the years, we have built a network of local experts specialized in beauty and living in Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Singapore …
An ever-growing team, keeping up with trends!


Our customers, our influence

Information & Inspiration boasts over 50 customers, all international cosmetics players:
brands, suppliers, distributors in Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, China, India, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Israel, etc.
More than 200 reports delivered per year, and always with quick response time in view of the great number of daily demands received.