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New product

October 2020



Inspired by Chinese traditional carving technique, this eye shadow palette is composed of 18 high pigmented colors with smooth and fine texture, providing a natural smudging effect without powder floating.

18 colors developed for Oriental skin tones, can be mixed & matched to DIY your personalized look.

The case is made with white porcelain and 80-90 carved flower petals on it.

croxx palette

Launch: 06/2020
Country: China
Quantity: N/A
Price: 339CNY
Category: Make Up
Distribution: Online

New product




With long time mask wearing becoming a daily occurrence, fatigue and skin health around ears have also become a bigger issue.

With this new ear serum, consumers will be able to take care of their ears while dispelling fatigue through massage.

A new serum for ears that will brighten, deodorize, and clean ears against mask, piercings, glasses, earphones, etc., as well as lessen fatigue around the area through ear massage.

7 special ingredients: Niacinamide for whitening, Allantoin for protection and soothing, Sodium Hyaluronate for hydration barrier, Lime Essential Oil for lively skin, Fermented Ethanol for freshness, Menthol for cooling effect, and Aloe Vera Leaf Powder for hydration.

4 natural origin ingredients for healthier skin: Yeast Fermented Extract, Green Tea Catechin, Filtered Fermented Lactobacillus, and Black Tea Extract.

Even takes care of ear odor with body odor suppressing ingredient.

Texture that allows for smooth application and refreshing finish

clearly ear

Apply it on your ear area and massage well for absorption.

Launch: 08/2020
Country: Korea
Quantity: 15ml
Price: 24000KRW
Category: Skincare
Distribution: Online

New product

August 2020



Skincare-inspired hair care series developed with  a focus on the high vitality and beauty effect of “NEEM”.

AGING CARE SCALP CLEANSING OIL: The oil provides moisture and softens the scalp while removing dirt and clogging from the pores of the scalp. It reduces frizz and unwanted waves caused by aging and bring to smooth hair.  This product tells you how your scalp condition is by making lather or not. It does not make lather when scalp condition is not good.

AGING CARE SCALP SERUM: The serum leaves scalp soften and healthy state. Not only does it moisturize the scalp and hair, but it also addresses to scalp dryness and itching, and scalp damages caused by hair coloring and perm. It enhances blood circulation by warm and refreshing sensation. It is recommended to use every day. You may feel tingling stimuli when scalp is not in a good condition, but keep using until you don’t have the stimuli.

shiro neeem

Cleansing oil: Use before shampoo every other day at first, and switch into once a week if the oil began to make good lather.

Scalp serum: Use after towel-dried.

Launch: August 2020
Country: Japan
Quantity: 80ml
Price: 5500 JPY
Category: Hair Care
Distribution: Brand store, Online store

New product

July 2020

Foundation Share Minis

by Kate (Kanebo)

Become the beauty influencer of your friends and family by sharing minis of your foundation so they can try it out too!

Limited-edition shareable, mini-sized foundations that come in a single-use aluminum pouch packaging.

Thanks to its individual packaging, users can enjoy sharing the product with their friends or family members.

Available in two types with each having 3 shades: SECRET SKIN MAKER ZERO (LIQUID) for glowing skin / POWDERY SKIN MAKER for smooth skin.

kate minis

Launch: April 2020
Country: Japan
Quantity: 2pcs*4 set
Price: 715 JPY
Category: Make Up
Distribution: Brand store, Online store

New product

June 2020





Washing off skin with 100% minerals-enriched sulfur thermal water at the last step of cleansing moisturizes and soothes skin effectively.

Once sulfur thermal water rinses the skin, Pentachionic Acid and Cystine Protein are created, which sterilizes skin and cares for troubles.

Removing dead skin and excessive serum, it helps smoothen skin texture and brighten skin tone.

Free from preservatives and chemical ingredients, it is the most natural and the least irritant solution for skin.


How to use: Open the pouch and pour in the clean bowl. Wash face with the water in a gentle rolling motion. Start with T zone,  then continue on under eyes → cheeks → mouth → around ears. It can be used on neck and chest areas. Do not towel dry, pat softly and start your skincare routine.

Launch: 05/2020
Country: Korea
Quantity: 500ml*6ea
Price: 23000KRW
Category: Skincare
Distribution: Online

New product

April 2020


by OSM
‘Mask face口罩脸’ new skin concern caused by the usage of protective facial mask during the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic

Hot tag on Weibo: #WearingMaskAcne have 88,73reviews

Chinese brands like OSM come out with new products to eliminate acne related to mask face.
Key ingredients: Salicylic acid + Oligopeptide-1
Three actions work on 3 phases of acne formation to prevent repeated acne and acne scars.
Say goodbye to mask face acne or any of kind of acne !

Launch: March 2020
Country: China
Quantity: 40ml
Price: 168CNY
Category: skincare
Distribution: online


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