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New product

January 2020



A kit (body wash + 2 ampoules) offers a unique way to cleanse the body.

The body wash is powered by 2 ampoules when mixed together.

Each ampoule designed with a different purpose, making it possible to easily address skin issues :

−Little Bunny’s Brick House for stress-relieving, purifying & firming

−Cinderella’s Magic Ampoule for soothing, repairing & moisturizing


A special design for the Christmas Edition with a green or red handle – to carry as a trendy bag


Launch: October 2019
Country: Korea
Quantity: 270ml
Price: 37800KRW
Category: Body Care
Distribution: Brand store, Online store

New product


Magic Cocoon Facial Soap

by Phutawan

Magic Cocoon Facial Soap is made of yellow silk cocoon native to Thailand. It is Rich in protein Sercin and Amino acid, that helps to restore skin, reduce wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots and reduce pimples.

magic cocoon


  1. Wash the face with cocoon soap twice a day.
  2. Moisten the cocoon soap with water and put on your finger.
  3. Gently apply on your face for 2 minutes.
  4. Wash your face with clean water and towel dry.

Launch: N/A
Country: Thailand
Quantity: 40g
Price: 150THB
Category: Skincare
Distribution: Brand store, Online store

New product

November 2019

Time Response Skin Restoring Night Elixir

by Amore Pacific

AbsoluTea™ extracted from AmorePacific’s exclusive green tea Jangwon No.3, this Beauty Green Tea is with higher concentrations of Amino Acids and Catechins help prevent future signs of aging.

Fine oil drop containing Green Tea Seed oil that can be exclusively cultivated only every 2 year, it delivers a special skincare with intensive nourishment and moisture.

Gold flakes with natural skin-purifying properties and ability to brighten dull-looking skin, it cares for sings of aging.

amore pacific time response

At the last step of night skincare, apply on the entire skin. Massage and absorb. It is recommended to use the half of jar for each application.

Launch: October 2019
Country: Korea
Quantity: 3ml*16
Price: 480000KRW
Category: Skincare
Distribution: Brand store, Online store

New product


The MET Lipstick Limited Edition

by Perfect Diary

Drawing inspiration from its collection of royal portraits, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) has partnered with the fashionable Chinese cosmetics brand Perfect Diary to release a limited-edition collection of eight lipsticks. Packaged in sleek playing-card-style boxes with one of the eight royal portraits on the cover (some popular choices include Napoleon I, Queen Victoria and Louis XIV), the lipsticks are available on JD and the WeChat e-commerce platform Youzan.

met perfect diary

Launch: June 2019
Country: China
Quantity: 8 shades
Price: 169CNY
Category: Make Up
Distribution: Online

New product

April 2019

Artemisia Miracle Relief Essence

by Hanyul

3-year-old 100% Artemisia extract calming essence for the ultimate soothing and hydration

Extracted from the upper leaves of Artemisia in Ganghwa, which were exposed to the sun for longer time, boiled for 24 hours at 80-95 degrees, it provides anti-oxidant effect, deep hydration and relief on the skin.

Harvested in May when the effectiveness of Artemisia is maximized, then ripen for 3 years to enhance the calming effect.



Possible to be used on the makeup as a face mist, as a calming essence for the entire face, as a calming mask with socked sheet.

Launch: April 2019
Country: Korea
Quantity: 350ml
Price: 38000KRW (EUR 30)
Category: Skincare
Distribution: Brand store, Online store

New product

March 2019

Ceramidin Special Care Hand & Foot Mask

by Dr. Jart+

Tarot card inspired design packaging and extra moisturizing essence bring you luck and smooth hands/foot!


‒Exclusive special care mask for hands and feet

‒Intensive nourishment and optimal hydration

‒Its non-sticky formula allows you to get right back after use to your daily activities  without wash .

‒Hand mask 10ml: Rich moisturizing blend of ceramide NP, hyaluronic acid, and sunflower seed oil nourishes dry cuticles and nails

  • Its non-sticky moisturizing formula lets you touch smartphones
  • Containing paraffin provides nourishment on nails

‒Foot mask 10ml: an optimal blend of ceramide NP, hyaluronic acid, and jojoba seed oil blending smoothens cracks and dry heels

‒How to use: wash your hands and/or feet and towel dry. Once you separate the mask along the perforated line, place your hand or foot inside the mask and fasten the opening with the sticker. Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes and tap the remaining essence for full absorption.

dr jart masks

Launch: January 2019
Country: Korea
Quantity: 10ml
Price: 5000 KRW
Category: Body Care
Distribution: Cosmetic Store, Online


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